Tea and Wine a lot of things in common.

Tea and Wine a lot of things in common. From terroir to food pairing.

On Satemwa we strongly belief in the influence of the unique terroir of the estate on the particular characteristics of the teas we produce. Under “terroir” we understand the total natural environment of an area in terms of soil and geographical conditions. We belief our terroir is unique to Satemwa and we know the physical – chemical composition of the soil influences the performance of our tea plants. Unfortunately in the tea world this link with terroir is not always seen as clear as in the wine industry.

There are definitely other parallels with the wine sector. In both the wine and tea manufacturing different cultivars will give different tastes and colors in the cup or glass. Playing around with different seasons and slightly changing processing techniques is the task of the wine and tea master. Their judgement, knowledge and experience will decide on the final taste and appearance.

Wine and tea sommeliers they are in the best position to pair our favorite drinks with the right food. We know wine and cheese go very well together but did you ever try to pair tea and cheese? Or what about tea and chocolate?! Give it a try! We love it!

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