Satemwa White Hibiscus…

…is the free-spirited daughter of the Satemwa family, singing with the earthy tones of our finest white tea and the sweet, distinctive notes of hibiscus. Hints of passionfruit make her enchanting, a twist of peach makes her unique. Let the limitless health benefits of her exceptional blend soothe and revitalize you.

Ingredients: white tea 65%, hibiscus 24%, natural aroma passion fruit & peach, apple, rosehips, sunflower, apricot.
Ingrediënten: witte thee 65%, hibiscus 24%, natuurlijke passievrucht & perzik aroma’s, appel, rozenbottels, zonnebloem, abrikoos.
Ingrédients: thé blanc 65%, hibiscus 24%, arômes naturelle de fruit de la passion & de pêche, pomme, cynorhodon, tournesol, abricot.
Zutaten: Weißtee 65%, Hibiskus 24%, natürliche Aromen von Passionsfrucht & Pfirsich, Apfel, Hagebutten, Sonnenblume, Aprikose

Box of 12 Tea bags


Black Earl Grey…

…is the distinguished gentleman of the Satemwa family, combining two of our finest black tea varieties. The twinkle in his eye is a twist of delicious bergamot. Earl Grey is a powerful brew infused with the cleansing properties of Bergamot essential oil and all the antioxidants of black tea.

Ingredients: black tea, natural bergamot essential oil.
Ingrediënten: zwarte thee, natuurlijke bergamot essentiële olie.
Ingrédients: thé noir, huile essentielle naturelle de bergamote.
Zutaten: Schwarztee, natürliches Bergamotte ätherische Öl.

Box of 12 Tea bags


Green Mint…

…is the cheeky charmer of the Satemwa family, with all the zing of crisp mint leaves fresh from the slopes of Thyolo Mountain. What a powerful combination he is! Both green tea and mint aid digestion, lower cholesterol and boost circulation.

Ingredients: green tea 96%, pepper mint 4%.
Ingrediënten: groene thee 96%, pepermunt 4%.
Ingrédients: thé vert 96%, menthe poivrée 4%.
Zutaten: Grüntee 96%, Pfefferminze 4%.

Box of 12 Tea bags


Black & White…

…is the mother in law and early riser of the Satemwa family. Like the morning sun she is powerful but gentle, soothing but energetic. Her reddish leaves reflect the early sky turning pink in a cloud of milk. Her white notes full of Theanine may improve your cognitive function. The combination Black & White is unique to Malawi and has stronger antioxidant properties then nearly all normal black teas.

Ingredients: black tea 60%, white tea 40%.
Ingrediënten: zwarte thee 60%, witte thee 40%.
Ingrédients: thé noir 60%, thé blanc 40%.
Zutaten: Schwarztee 60%, Weißtee 40%.

Box of 12 Tea bags


Our story

Meet Satemwa…

Every cup of SATEMWA tea is infused with the passion of three generations and the tranquility of a magical place.
Our grandfather, Maclean Kay, planted SATEMWA’s first tea bushes in 1923 and our family has been nurturing new tea varieties and crafting new blends ever since. The estate is located on the slopes of the beautiful Thyolo mountain, lush green all year round with hot tropical sun and cool monsoon rain.
Satemwa employs more than 2000 local workers whom we provide with education and health services to help raise their standard of living. Wildlife corridors- strips of forest in between the fields – are home to an array of birds and animals with whom we hope to share SATEMWA for many generations to come.
Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ certified. We practice sustainable agriculture and never ever use pesticides.

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Direct trade

Direct trade means building fair, sustainable and transparent relationships with our customers. We have set up a small marketing and sales office in Belgium to tell our story to our customers and to promote the unique teas coming from Malawi.


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